How to Change the Brake Calipers and Rotors?

Answer Changing the brake calipers and rotors on your vehicle is not difficult to do. The brake calipers hold the brake pads, and they work along with the brake rotors to slow and stop your car using fric... Read More »

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How to Change Brake Calipers?

Knowing how to change brake calipers can save a lot of time and labor costs. They are also one of the most integral parts of a brake system and should be handled extremely carefully.

How to Change New Rear Brake Calipers?

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water. Water in the brake system corrodes brake lines and damages the master cylinder and brake calipers. When the brake caliper seizes, the pist... Read More »

How to Change Brake Pads and Rotors on a general GM Disc Brake System?

This is a general description of the procedure involved in changing pads and rotors on a GM vehicle. First park the vehicle on a level surface, lift and support the car safely.

How to Change the Brake Calipers in a Town & Country?

Chrysler manufacturers the Town & Country with an anti-locking brake system, four-wheel disc brakes, all-season tires and 16-inch wheels. In the vehicle, the disc brake connects to a metal disc tha... Read More »