How to Change the Batteries on a PowerShot A1000?

Answer The Canon PowerShot A1000 IS is a 10-megapixel resolution digital camera that allows you to take, store or share pictures and video. It receives power via either an alternating current (AC) adapter... Read More »

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Why does my camera (Canon Powershot A550) keep telling me I need to change the batteries?

check if you are using NiCad (nickel-cadmium) rechargables.these hold a memory effect, and can reduce the voltage level even when fully charged.

Best AA rechargeable batteries for canon powershot A720 IS?

Answer I have a Canon Powershot A710IS, and I had been using normal NiMH rechargeables but found they didn't last any time at all. This was even when I fully-discharged and then recharged new ones ... Read More »

Should I OR Should I Not recharge my batteries given with canon PowerShot A 1200 Camera?

AA is the size of the batteries.Batteries come in a number of types; Alkalines were popular because they gave a long life (Duracell, Ever-Ready Energiser etc.) they're pretty useless for digital ca... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Jensen A1000 Stereo Amplifier?

The Jensen A1000 is a digital amplifier that is capable of delivering 1,000 watts to your vehicle's stereo system. The responsibility of the car audio amp is to boost the signal from the head unit ... Read More »