How to Change the Batteries of an Xbox Controller?

Answer It's simple, it's fun and means you don't have to buy a "plug 'n' play" pack.

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Does the PS3 controller require batteries?

The PlayStation 3 wireless controller does not require the purchase of new batteries on a regular basis. The controller comes with a preinstalled lithium battery which must periodically be recharge... Read More »

How to Fix a Pelican Xbox Controller?

The Pelican Xbox 360 controller is a third-party-developed accessory for the Xbox 360 console system. The controller is made from cheaper materials, so the cost of the controller is cheaper than st... Read More »

What is the L button on the Xbox controller?

The L button (trigger button) on an Xbox controller is on the top left side of the controller. It has different functions depending on the game. For example, it may function as the brake in a racin... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Xbox Controller?

If you notice your Xbox 360 controller is malfunctioning, your best bet is to try troubleshooting the issue before calling Microsoft for repairs or heading off to the store for a refund. While some... Read More »