How to Change the Alternator in a Toyota?

Answer The alternator is the heart of the charging system on your Toyota, and when it goes out, everything electrical will cease to function properly. Although this isn't very convenient, changing out the... Read More »

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How to Change Out a Toyota Sienna Alternator?

The alternator in your vehicle is a critical component responsible for the charging of the battery as well as providing electricity to the ignition system. Changing it can be tough on some vehicle... Read More »

How to Change the Alternator on a 1990 Toyota?

When replacing the alternator on a 1990 Toyota, check the amperage rating on the placard on the alternator. The alternator is available in different amperages, depending on the electrical accessori... Read More »

How to Change the Alternator on a 1993 Toyota Corolla?

The alternator on the Toyota Corolla serves three purposes under the hood of the car. It converts electrical energy from the battery to a form of energy that the car can use, recharges the battery ... Read More »

How to Change an Alternator on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

The 1999 Toyota Camry is equipped with either a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine. The two engines use different alternators, but the replacement procedures are essentially identical. Replacemen... Read More »