How to Change the Alternator Belt on a Lexus SC300?

Answer The Lexus SC300 has a 3.0L engine, and depending on the exact model engine you have, there may be two belts or a single serpentine belt. The majority of Lexus automobiles feature a serpentine belt ... Read More »

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How to Change the Serpentine Belt on a Lexus SC300?

Vehicle manufacturers recommend specific intervals to inspect or service the serpentine belts for better engine performance. Lexus suggests checking the belt on your SC300 model every 60,000 miles.... Read More »

How to Replace an Alternator Belt on a 1999 Lexus RX 300?

The alternator belt on a 1999 Lexus RX300 serves the function of running many of the engine's peripheral parts. Without it, parts like the alternator and the air conditioning condenser will not be ... Read More »

How to Tune a 97 Lexus Sc300?

Your Lexus SC-300 requires regular maintenance. In addition to changing the oil and filters regularly, tune ups should also be part of the maintenance schedule. Regular tune ups include changing th... Read More »

Air Conditioner Specifications for a 1995 Lexus Sc300?

Toyota Motor Company rolled out its two-door Lexus SC300 sedan in 1992, a more cost-effective V6 version of the popular V8 Lexus SC400. The air-conditioning systems used in the SC300 didn't change ... Read More »