How to Change the Air Filter on a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

Answer Changing the air filter on your car can be quick and easy, even for someone who has never done it before. Air filters help clean the air the flows into your engine, thus increasing the performance ... Read More »

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How to Change a 1998 Dodge Caravan Fuel Filter?

The purpose of the fuel filter on the 1998 Dodge Caravan is to keep any sediments and trash in the fuel from entering the engine. The fuel leaves the gas tank and travels into the fuel filter. The ... Read More »

How to Change the Starter in a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

The starter in a 1998 Dodge Caravan transfers electrical energy to mechanical energy when the ignition is turned to the crank position. The starter solenoid sends an electric charge to the starter ... Read More »

How Do I Change the Fan Relay on a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

The fan relay on your 1998 Dodge Caravan is similar to a fuse in that it provides power to the electrical cooling fan of your vehicle. Your relay is basically a magnetically-powered switch connecte... Read More »

How to Change the Fuel Filter in a Dodge Caravan?

To keep your Dodge Caravan's fuel system running cleanly, you need to change the fuel filter every 12,000 to 20,000 miles. The bulk of the fuel system is located around the rear left wheel well on ... Read More »