How to Change iTunes Categories?

Answer Apple's iTunes media player categorizes the audio files stored in the application's library as music, podcasts, audiobooks or voice memos, and it categorizes the video files as movies, TV shows, po... Read More »

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Can delegates change Outlook 2007 categories?

According to Microsoft, an Outlook 2007 delegate can make changes to an Exchange user's shared folders provided the user has Editor-level (or higher) privileges. Editor-level access allows a user ... Read More »

How to Change a Podcast URL in iTunes?

ITunes Store users subscribe to podcasts by their names, and iTunes matches up the URL address of the podcast's feed to its name behind the scenes. If you're changing your podcast to use a new feed... Read More »

How to Change Music on iTunes?

Have you ever bought some music off iTunes but didn't actually have an iPod to play them on another MP3 player? Chances are that they won't play because of the DRM.

How to Change the Visualizer in iTunes?

When you listen to music on your computer with iTunes, the free media player from Apple, you can watch the visualizer's dancing graphics moving in time to the songs instead of just staring at the n... Read More »