How to Change from a Dork to a Popular Person?

Answer You need to have a good, positive Rep. Be nice and have the most fun being you!

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How to Dress Like a Popular Person?

Like all people, you want to fit in. You want to be the girl or guy everyone notices in the hallway. You know-that one that always gets high fives from the other popular people? Well if you aren't ... Read More »

How to Be a Popular Person at School?

In school everyone would love a chance to be popular. People worry if they aren't popular enough and if they have "cool" enough friends. Many people have this worry, so you are not alone!

Who was the most popular Irish person in history?

It has to be Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Brought to Ireland as a slave in the 5th century A.D., he later preached and converted all of Ireland to Catholicism over a period of 40 yea... Read More »

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