How to Change excel Cell Value Based on Another Cell Value?

Answer This is normally accomplished through the use of Formulas, but may also be handled with VBA code in a Macro.As to Formulas, they usually incorporate one or more Functions that are available to do s... Read More »

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How can i convert a cell numeric value without word "dollar" in a text value in MS Excel ?

Everything you need may be found on Microsoft's Knowledge Base web site: .

How can I assign a value to a cell colour in excel?

If you do not mind using Microsoft's numbering of colors, then you could use these routines to find three separate items that have colors: Function Xcolor(target As Range) As Integer Xcolor = ta... Read More »

How to Search a Cell Range for a Matching Value in Excel VBA?

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that can contain a vast amount of data: up to one billion cells of information per spreadsheet. While this can be invaluable if you need to input large data ... Read More »

How can I check a value of a cell and consequently add one warning message using VBA in Excel?

Since you did not specify which version of MS-Excel, I will have to assume 2003 or earlier.You really do not need to do this with VBA coding, since this type of functionality is built into MS-Excel... Read More »