How to Change an Oil Seal on a Car?

Answer If you put oil in your motor constantly, your oil seal might just be leaking. Checking and replacing the oil seal on your car will keep it running healthy, and keep you from having to replace the o... Read More »

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How to Change an Oil Pan Seal?

Oil leaks can come from many places in your car's engine. One of the most overlooked sources of a leak is the oil pan seal. While many car owner's perform their own oil changes, few remember that e... Read More »

How to Change a Transmission Seal?

The transmission seal that is most commonly replaced to prevent leakage is the tail shaft seal. This seals the driveshaft where it attaches to the output shaft of the transmission. It is attached a... Read More »

How to Change a Pump Seal?

The seal inside a pump keeps the liquid being pumped from leaking out of the unit. The seal surrounds a shaft which is turned by a motor on one end and immersed in the liquid on the other. The seal... Read More »

How to Change an Oil Pan Seal for a Ford Escape?

An oil leak from the engine oil pan on a Ford Escape can quickly turn into an aggravating mess. The oil will not only drip all over your driveway, but will also drip onto the exhaust, putting off a... Read More »