How to Change an Oil Plug?

Answer An oil pan plug is made of softer metal than the pan to help prevent cross-threading of the oil pan threads. Although it's still possible to over-tighten the plugs after repeated oil change service... Read More »

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I've bought a 110v machine from USA, can I just change the plug and plug it straight into UK mains socket?

You need a transformer - 240v to 110 - and as for the idiot who said to buy a plug adapter - CAN I WATCH WHEN YOU PLUG IT IN PLEASE?

How to Change a LB7 Glow Plug?

In diesel engines the fuel is ignited by the heat from glow plugs. From time to time, the glow plugs will go bad or become defective. The main symptom of bad glow plugs is that the car does not sta... Read More »

How to Change a Spark Plug on a YFZ 450?

Yamaha's YFZ450 all-terrain vehicle relies on an NGK-produced CR9E spark plug to ignite a combustible fuel mixture within the engine. The spark plug will be subjected to extreme pressure and heat d... Read More »

How to Change & Gap a Spark Plug?

The average person with the right tools can handle changing the spark plugs on your vehicle or piece of lawn equipment. Setting the gap on new spark plugs is a very important part of the installati... Read More »