How to Change an Oil Plug?

Answer An oil pan plug is made of softer metal than the pan to help prevent cross-threading of the oil pan threads. Although it's still possible to over-tighten the plugs after repeated oil change service... Read More »

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I've bought a 110v machine from USA, can I just change the plug and plug it straight into UK mains socket?

You need a transformer - 240v to 110 - and as for the idiot who said to buy a plug adapter - CAN I WATCH WHEN YOU PLUG IT IN PLEASE?

DIY Ford F-150 Plug Change?

Regular maintenance can keep your car or truck running smoothly and help it operate more efficiently. Replacing the spark plugs in your Ford F-150 pickup can help improve the vehicle's gasoline mil... Read More »

How to change a spark plug?

Changing spark plug wires are fairly easy and usually requires no tools. Each spark plug wire is connected to a spark plug, and brings the electrical spark to the spark plug in order to ignite the ... Read More »

How to Change a Trailer Plug?

Changing the plug for your trailer wiring is relatively straight-forward and an easy project that will save you money. As with any wiring project, you will need to determine what type of plug you h... Read More »