How to Change an Individual Cell's Width in OpenOffice Calc?

Answer A spreadsheet is a rectangular grid of cells organized into columns and rows, into which you can enter data and manipulate it in various ways. OpenOffice Calc is the spreadsheet component of OpenOf... Read More »

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What is OpenOffice Calc?

OpenOffice Calc is the spreadsheet software that is included in the free office suite. It offers compatibility with Microsoft Office and can export files as PDFs that can be opened o... Read More »

How to Get Started With OpenOffice CALC?

Calc is a spreadsheet program included in, a freely available, cross-platform office software suite distributed by Oracle. Calc features formulas, functions, data analysis, charts an... Read More »

OpenOffice Calc: How to Fill With a New Color?

OpenOffice Calc is an open-source spreadsheet application. The spreadsheet is made up of rows and columns of cells. Although the cell colors remain unfilled, or uncolored, by default, they can be m... Read More »

How to Sort by Date in OpenOffice Calc?

Sorting by date is one of the most useful things you can do with a spreadsheet. For example, if you are using a spreadsheet to keep track of your expenses, and you enter them out of order, you can ... Read More »