How to Change an Ignitor Switch on a Furnace?

Answer The ignitor on your furnace is a small, metal and ceramic component that lights the burners. However, it doesn't actually produce a flame. Instead, the metal prong at the end of the ignitor heats u... Read More »

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How to Replace a Furnace Ignitor?

If you have a relatively new furnace it is probably equipped with a hot-surface ignitor. These ignite the gas when your furnace turns on. Electricity passes through the ignitors and causes them to ... Read More »

How long does a furnace ignitor last?

A silicon carbide furnace ignitor is the most common type of ignitor. It should last for three to five years if it's operating normally. A silicone nitride ignitor will last twice as long.Reference... Read More »

How to Replace the Ignitor on a Trane VX80 Furnace?

The Trane VX80 is a variable-speed gas furnace that uses a hot-surface ignitor to light fuel from the gas valve. The glow-type ignitor heats rapidly to a high temperature, triggering the gas valve.... Read More »

What is a pressure switch on a furnace?

A furnace pressure switch is a device that reacts to changes in the pressure of what's inside the furnace. The switch lets electric current flow through the furnace while the pressure is normal. If... Read More »