How to Change an Idle Air Control Valve on a 94 Accord?

Answer An idle air control valve, or “IACV,” is designed to work in conjunction with the throttle body to regulate the speed at which the engine idles. Over time, the IACV becomes clogged with dirt, t... Read More »

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How to Clean an Idle Air Control Valve in a Honda Accord?

The idle air control (IAC) valve in a Honda Accord controls the idle speed through the throttle body. When the IAC is dirty, the idle speed will suffer. If it's bad enough, the Accord simply won't ... Read More »

How to Change the Idle Air Control Valve on a 1999 F-150?

Before replacing the idle air control valve on your 1999 F-150, test it to make sure it is the valve that is actually causing the idling problem. The ohms measurement between the two electrical ter... Read More »

What Is the Idle Air Control Valve?

Automotive engines are composed of many intricate parts. These parts must function with precision to ensure the engine functions properly. One crucial component in a car engine is the idle air cont... Read More »

How to Tell If the Idle Control Valve Is Bad?

All cars today have a number of systems that control every aspect of their operation. Years ago when all cars were carburated, the engine operation was dependent on the carburator for all fuel mana... Read More »