How to Change an FTP Site in FrontPage?

Answer Microsoft FrontPage has a built-in FTP program to upload Web files to Web servers. FTP, or file transfer protocol, is used to efficiently upload files directly from your computer to a Web host. Cha... Read More »

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If you put a playlist on a networking site, can you change to one of your other playlists on that site?

I have on my Multiply page, and it does give you the opportunity to have more than one. I have enough problems with that one to investigate having a second.They say my connection is to... Read More »

If you were the owner of YouTube, what would you change about the site?

Here is my list:- Add a repeat button. Already a homepage that does this. ( - Add history record of you comments. - It's hard and very timeconsuming to handle your favorite video... Read More »

Is it true that Wikipedia users can change anything on the site?

Anyone who isn't blocked can edit any page that isn't protected. You can trust most of what is on Wikipedia. You should check the references at the bottom of the page to verify the information is... Read More »

How to Change the Title and Logo Url of a Sharepoint 2010 Site?

This guide will show how to change the title and the logo URL of your SharePoint 2010 site.