How to Change an Exhaust Manifold in a Chevrolet Impala 3400?

Answer The Chevrolet Impala 3400 uses the 3.4-liter V-6 engine, which has an exhaust manifold on each side of the engine. Though you might not have to change the manifolds on both sides of the engine, you... Read More »

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How to Replace the Exhaust Manifold in a Chevy Impala?

Throughout the 1960s and early 70s, the Chevy Impala topped the sales charts. Despite its decline in the wake of smaller, midsized cars, enthusiasts have remained loyal to Impala, which is a favori... Read More »

How to Change the Exhaust Manifold on an 04 F-150?

The exhaust manifolds on a 2004 Ford F-150 give the engine gasses a path to exit the engine through the exhaust. These manifolds are made of cast iron, and if subjected to rapid heating and cooling... Read More »

How to Change an Exhaust Manifold?

The exhaust manifold mounts to the exhaust side of the cylinder head in your vehicle, connecting to the exhaust pipe (tail pipe). Check it regularly to ensure seals are tight and the manifold is fr... Read More »

How to Change a Leaking Intake Manifold Gasket in an Impala?

Chevrolet introduced the full-sized Impala into its automobile lineup for the 1958 model year. After nearly three decades of production, manufacturing was halted in 1985 and not continued until 199... Read More »