How to Change an Employee’s Attitudes?

Answer The dictionary says that an optimistic outlook takes a favorable view of events and conditions and expects a favorable outcome. A pessimism outlook is one of negatively and anger. This is reflected... Read More »

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British attitudes to parenting vs American attitudes?

I think you might be suprised actually! There was a question on here the other night that was answered by lots of woman who viewed your parenting attitude as the more positive - I will see if I ca... Read More »

How to Change Students Attitudes Towards Math?

A student who wants to move forward in school will have to be successful in math. While some students excel in this subject, others find it difficult and quickly label it as their most hated class.... Read More »

How Organizational Change Affects Employees?

Organizations must change and adapt regularly to maintain pace with competitors in a quickly changing business environment. Change can occur because of a variety of internal and external factors, o... Read More »

How can you encourage employees to provide options and suggestions on how to implement this change?

Put up a suggestion box. It is anominous and your employees might open up.