How to Change an Automotive Belt?

Answer How to change a drive belt on a car, either serpentine or v-belt type. NOT how to change a TIMING belt.

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How to Diagnose An Automotive Drive Belt?

Automotive drive belts are easy to diagnose because you can see most damage. These belts are made of a rubber-type material. After time, the material can dry rot from the heat of the engine. There ... Read More »

Installation Procedures for an Automotive V Belt?

One or more V-belts, also known as drive belts, on your vehicle may be used to run the alternator, water pump, power steering or A/C compressor. Depending on your particular car make and model, you... Read More »

How to Change the Belt of a Craftsman Belt Sander?

Instead of sanding a large surface by hand, plug in the Craftsman belt sander and let its continuously spinning wheels do the work. Not only is the belt sander a huge time saver, it also allows yo... Read More »

How to Change an Automotive Air Filter?

Modern cars have air filters within the engine bay that keep dirt and debris from entering your engine. Over time, these filters get clogged up and require replacement. Most manufacturers recommend... Read More »