How to Change an Alternator Belt?

Answer The alternator receives its power from a belt that runs from the alternator to the engine's crankcase. As the motor turns, it rotates the belt on the pulley, which allows the alternator to generate... Read More »

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How to Change the Alternator Belt on a BMW 316I?

The serpentine belt on the BMW 316I has a tensioning device that holds the serpentine belt onto the engine accessory pulleys. The serpentine belt makes it possible to control all of these engine ac... Read More »

How to Change an Accord Alternator Belt?

The Honda Accord comes with a single belt known as a serpentine belt that operates the power steering, water pump, air conditioner and the alternator. The serpentine belt is kept at the proper tens... Read More »

How to Change an Alternator Belt on a 98 Galant?

The alternator belt on the 98 Mitsubishi Galant controls the alternator. The belt keeps the alternator pulley turning so that the alternator can keep the battery charged. Once the alternator belt ... Read More »

How Do I Change an Alternator 97 7.3 Diesel Belt?

The 1997 Ford F-250 and F350 trucks offer the 7.3-liter diesel engine as an option. The engine uses a serpentine belt system to rotate the alternator, water pump, power steering pump and other acce... Read More »