How to Change an Air Filter on a V6 Toyota 4Runner?

Answer The Toyota 4Runner V6 is a large SUV. The air filter on the Toyota 4Runner is inside the engine compartment on the front right side. The air filter is inside a square shaped plastic box fastened wi... Read More »

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How do I Change the Fuel Filter on a 1996 Toyota 4Runner?

The 1996 Toyota 4Runner is responsible for keeping clean gas flowing to the engine. The fuel filter has a inner filter that is made up of small fibers that catch and hold any impurities. The clean ... Read More »

How to Replace the Air Filter on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner 3.0L?

The 1995 Toyota 4Runner with a 3.0-liter engine has an engine air filter that you should every 30,000 miles under normal driving conditions. Toyota recommends replacing the air filter more frequen... Read More »

How to Locate the Oil Filter on a 1995 Toyota 4Runner?

The oil filter on the Toyota 4-Runner can be tricky to locate. The oil filter is buried underneath components, wires and tubes that are running to and from the engine. This filter must be changed e... Read More »

How to Remove the Oil Filter on a 2000 Toyota 4Runner 6-Cylinder?

Removing, and eventually replacing, a Toyota 4Runner's oil filter should always be paired with changing the 4Runner's motor oil. They are part of the same system, and you will not get an effective ... Read More »