How to Change an Admin Password on a Mac?

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How do I change an admin password?

Select the Start menu and then choose "Control Panel" from the window that appears. In Vista (or newer) versions, the Start menu looks like a Windows logo. The Start menu is usually located in the ... Read More »

How to Change the Admin Password on a Macintosh?

When you start up your Macintosh computer for the first time, the original account you create becomes the computer's administrator account. At that time, you select a password for the account. To... Read More »

How do I change a Windows XP admin password?

Power on your Windows XP computer. Select the administrator account icon on the "Welcome" screen and enter the login password. Open the Desktop Start menu by clicking the "Start" icon on the taskba... Read More »

How do I change admin password with"net user"?

Opening a Command PromptClick "Start" and type "CMD" into the search bar at the bottom of the Start menu. Click "CMD.exe" to open the command prompt.Changing a User's PasswordType "Net User Usernam... Read More »