How to Change an AC Compressor on a Lumina?

Answer Changing out the air conditioning compressor on a Chevrolet Lumina may appear daunting upon first impression, but after you take out a few of the daunting obstacles, the first impression fades away... Read More »

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How to Replace Lumina A/C Compressor?

A common problem with the air conditioning system in the Chevy Lumina is leaking seals in the compressor. It is no longer legal to vent air conditioning refrigerant into the atmosphere, so recovery... Read More »

How Do I Recognize a Faulty Air Compressor in a Lumina?

There are two categories of air conditioning compressor failure in a Chevrolet Lumina: electrical and mechanical. Before replacing the compressor, it is important to conduct several tests in seque... Read More »

How to Remove & Replace an AC Compressor on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

The air conditioning compressor in the 1996 Lumina circulates the refrigerant R-134a though the system. Pressure is developed in the system when the refrigerant being moved by the compressor reache... Read More »

How to Change Out the Thermostat on a Lumina Car?

An overheating engine is extremely harmful to your vehicle's performance and longevity. If an engine continues to overheat, it can cause everything from a cracked head gasket to a cracked block. Re... Read More »