How to Change a Yamaha ATV Throttle?

Answer Yamaha's all-terrain vehicles use a thumb-operated lever attached to the right handlebar to open and close the throttle valve within the machine's carburetor or throttle body. The lever is attached... Read More »

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How to Unstick the Throttle in a Yamaha R6?

A Yamaha R6 relies on precise throttle openings to operate at its peak potential on the road or the race track. But a sticking throttle can not only cost an R6 rider a race track victory, it can cr... Read More »

How to Change a Throttle Cable?

The throttle cable on your vehicle is something that gets used quite often. The cable itself is a steel cable that runs from the throttle body to the accelerator pedal inside the vehicle. Over time... Read More »

How to Change a Throttle Body?

Fuel injected engines receive the critical air portion of the fuel/air mixture through the throttle body. The throttle body is typically mounted to the intake plenum downstream of the air filter bo... Read More »

How to Change Throttle Cables?

Throttle cables get used every day, but, sometimes, they wear out. They can stretch, tear or break in other ways, which dictates removing and replacing them. It's not difficult; it's about a 20-min... Read More »