How to Change a Wire Harness on a Resistor Blower Motor?

Answer The blower motor resistor in your vehicle regulates the electrical current flowing to your vehicle's blower motor. This regulation of current causes the fan to spin faster or slower, resulting in m... Read More »

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How to Wire a Blower Motor Resistor?

Most vehicles today have multiple fan speeds for the heat and A/C. These speeds are controlled by a blower motor resistor. The blower motor resistor is a small electrical device that controls the v... Read More »

How to Change a Blower Motor Resistor?

A blower motor resistor is the device by which a car's heating and air conditioning unit controls the fan speeds. There are two different types--the resistor wire type that uses a different size co... Read More »

How to Change a Blower Motor Resistor in a Taurus?

A blower motor resister in a Taurus works in conjunction with the heater control panel fan switch to control the speeds of the fan. It provides resistance to the 12-volt input to reduce the voltage... Read More »

How to Change the Blower Motor Resistor on a 2002 Taurus?

The blower motor resistor on the 2002 Taurus governs the speed of the fan. It has three springs that are of different thickness, for low, medium and high speeds. If the resistor is bad, not all spe... Read More »