How to Change a Wiper Motor in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

Answer The wiper motor on the 2000 Chevrolet Malibu is located just behind the firewall, and can be accessed by removing the air inlet grille that is just below the windshield. The wiper motor rotates a c... Read More »

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How to Replace a Wiper Motor in a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

There are several components to the windshield wiper assembly on a 2003 Malibu. One main component, however, is the wiper motor. The wiper motor on your Malibu is located under the driver's side of... Read More »

How to Repair the 1998 Chevy Malibu Wiper Motor?

If the wiper blades on your 1998 Chevy Malibu go out, or if the motor begins to start making grinding noises, there's a pretty good chance it is time for a new wiper blade motor. The wiper blade mo... Read More »

How to Change a Wiper Motor on a 2004 Malibu?

The wiper motor on a 2004 Malibu operates the windshield wipers. If this motor should fail during use, you could end up in a serious car accident due to lack of road visibility. The Malibu's wiper ... Read More »

How to Change the Taillight Fuse on a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

Fuses are very important to protect the wiring and electrical components throughout an automobile. The 2000 Chevy Malibu has several fuse boxes, but only one of them holds the fuse for the tailligh... Read More »