How to Change a Window Regulator?

Answer Changing a window regulator is very much the same for most vehicles, although the regulators may be different in design. For the front doors (on all cars) there is a two-post design that operates w... Read More »

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How to Change a BMW X5 Window Regulator?

Whenever you experience staggered lowering or raising of automatic windows, the problem is most often a faulty window regulator. For the BMW X5, replacing the window regulator is a rather involved ... Read More »

How to Change a GM Manual Window Regulator?

General Motors vehicles use a window regulator for raising and lowering the pane of glass inside a door. This regulator is a mechanical lever that is actuated by a hand crank inside the car or truc... Read More »

How to Change a Window Regulator on a 1985 K-Car?

The 1985 K-Car is one of the first and most successful economy cars introduced by Chrysler. The K-Car relies on lighter, less expensive parts to maintain its economy status. This means the window r... Read More »

How to Change the Window Regulator on a 99 GMC Sierra?

The window regulator on a ‘99 GMC Sierra is a two-post cable style regulator. The regulator comes with the window motor. This regulator has two individual channels that stand vertically inside th... Read More »