How to Change a Water Well Pump?

Answer Water wells pumps typically last for many years, although the average lifespan of a pump varies with the quality of the groundwater, the proper sizing of the pump and the care taken to ensure adequ... Read More »

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How do you tell if your water tank is water logged and what are the symptoms of the water well pump if this occurs?

Answer if your water tank is water logged the pump will kick on almost immediatly when the water tap is opened, and will kick off shortly after it is closed.Water cannot be compressed. The air in... Read More »

Well water pump pressure drops when we open water tap it goes from 60 psi to 10 psi seconds of opening tap?

A water pressure regulator is a plumbing safety feature which is designed to prevent water pressure from climbing too high while also ensuring that the pressure remains high enough for consistent f... Read More »

No Water in house/well/pump?

First, turn the breaker to the well pump all the way off, then back on. If that doesnt do the trick, then you'll need to look at the pressure switch, which is usually a small grey box near the wel... Read More »

How do I remove sand& silt from the pump in my well water?

Removing Sand and Silt From Well WaterDetermine how much sand or silt is pulled into your water well pump. Remove the well seal and examine the well bore for loose silt. Determine the quantity of s... Read More »