How to Change a Valve Stem?

Answer The valve stem on a tire is a small rubber tube extending out from the rim. It has a spring-loaded metal air valve that is released by a push pin in the center. A ball-shaped end with a ring slot f... Read More »

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How to Change the Car Tire Valve Stem?

The valve stem is one of the most overlooked and important pieces of equipment on a wheel. It keeps the air in the tire and takes a lot of abuse. If the valve stem becomes damaged, air will leak ou... Read More »

How to Change the Valve Stem on a Tire?

A tire valve stem is a small, rubber tube that extends from the rim of the tire. The valve stem has a spring-loaded valve that allows air to enter or exit the tire. All air-filled tires have valve ... Read More »

How Do I Change a Valve Stem on a Harley?

Today more than ever, people are turning to motorcycles as a means of primary transportation. However, motorcycle maintenance costs can mount up over time, necessitating a do-it-yourself attitude. ... Read More »

How to Change a Pressure Indicating Valve Stem?

Valve-connected tire pressure monitoring systems, or TMPS, measure the pressure on the inside of tubeless tires. The sensors measure the pressure in the tire, and relay the information to a transce... Read More »