How to Change a Truck Battery?

Answer As powerful as batteries can be nowadays, there comes a time in a vehicle's life when the battery must be placed. Batteries can fail for many reasons, primarily age and constant wear being the mos... Read More »

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How Do I Change the Battery in a 2001 Diesel Sierra Truck?

The battery on a diesel-equipped 2001 GMC Sierra is located on the left side of the engine bay, between the coolant reservoir and the firewall. It is secured to the truck with a metric steel bolt t... Read More »

How to Change the Battery in a Battery Operated Pepper Mill?

Chefs and home cooks often use freshly ground pepper in their recipes. Manual pepper mills are not difficult to operate but an electric pepper mill can be used by one hand with the press of a butto... Read More »

DIY Truck Battery Charger?

It is important to periodically recharge an automotive battery to prolong battery life. As a battery begins to discharge, lead sulfate crystals form on the battery plates and isolate the lead metal... Read More »

How to Install a Battery in an Isuzu Truck?

Installing a battery in one Isuzu truck is going to be the same as installing a battery in every Isuzu truck. Inside the engine compartment where the battery rests, a mount secures the battery in p... Read More »