How to Change a Thermostat on a Fridgdaire Dryer?

Answer Frigidaire clothes dryers operate with a thermostat to maintain the internal temperature at specific levels when drying clothes on different cycles. For example, heavy loads and cotton fabrics may ... Read More »

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How to Change a Whirlpool Dryer Thermostat?

The thermostat in your Whirlpool electric dryer is a small part, but one that can cripple your dryer if it breaks. The thermostat regulates your dryer's internal temperature. If it breaks, your dye... Read More »

The Thermostat Keeps Going Bad in My Dryer?

A dryer usually has multiple thermostats -- at least three cycling and one safety -- that monitor air temperature inside. Cycling thermostats direct the dryer’s heat to turn on and off, and are o... Read More »

Installing a Dryer Thermostat?

Most clothes dryers have at least one cycling thermostat. It measures the air temperature inside the drum and directs the heating element to start and stop producing heat needed to dry clothes. Alt... Read More »

How to Check a Thermostat in a Dryer?

The thermostat in your clothes dryer is an important component to the unit. If you've ever pulled clothes out only to find that they were still damp, or found that your dryer was not shutting off a... Read More »