How to Change a Thermostat in a 1998 Chevy Venture?

Answer Chevy uses a wax-type pellet thermostat to allow fluid to pass through the engine to allow for fast warm-up on your 1998 Venture. As the temperature heats up, pressure pushes on a rubber diaphragm ... Read More »

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How to Change the Thermostat in a Chevy Venture?

The cooling system of your Chevy Venture van uses a simple thermostat to regulate and maintain engine temperature. The thermostat allows the exchange of high and low temperature coolant between the... Read More »

How to Change the Front Brake Pads on a 1998 Chevy Venture?

The front brake pads on your 1998 Chevy Venture are mounted on each side of a floating brake caliper actuated by a caliper piston and brake fluid. You can easily replace the pads by detaching the c... Read More »

How to Change the Thermostat in a 1998 Chevy Astro Van?

The 1998 Chevy Astro minivan is powered by the 4.3-liter Vortec engine with an automatic transmission. The thermostat housing is located next to the throttle body, on the intake manifold. The ther... Read More »

How to Repair the Thermostat on the Chevy Venture?

The thermostat on the Chevy Venture uses a small diaphragm connected to a jiggle valve, a spring and a mercury valve. As the temperature of the coolant rises, the mercury forces the spring to compr... Read More »