How to Change a Thermostat Defrost for a GE Fridge?

Answer Newer GE refrigerators have an automatic defrost cycle for the freezer compartment to maintain the amount of ice in the compartment. The cycle can be configured for a manual defrost to eliminate ic... Read More »

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How to Get a Whirlpool Fridge to Defrost?

Defrosting a refrigerator is necessary to ensure that it is running at optimal efficiency. Defrosting involves removing any ice and water buildup that affects the temperature in the refrigerator. M... Read More »

How to Defrost the Fridge With a Hair Dryer?

Newer refrigerator models typically come with frost-free or self-defrost features. With one of these models, you no longer have to worry about ice buildup decreasing the space and performance of yo... Read More »

How can I defrost the fridge/freezer in my shared house?

Pucman is right, Don't waste your time you have to unplug the thing, furthermore don't try to stab the ice either!

Fridge freezers - What is the difference between frost free and auto defrost?

I think you meant a combination refrigerator-freezer.The term "frost-free" only applies to the FREEZER. I have a freezer attached to my refrigerator, which is frost-free, but I also have a freezer ... Read More »