How to Change a Shoelace?

Answer Shoelaces are essential to the form and the structure of sneakers and oxfords. Shoelaces have a tendency to get dirty and they need changing. You can change your shoelaces to personalize your shoe ... Read More »

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How to Make a Shoelace?

The standard look of a sneaker requires only a basic pair of shoelaces, but for a few pennies you can make a shoelace that is colorful and trendy to let your feet stand out in a crowd. Before you b... Read More »

Different Shoelace Styles?

There is more than one way to lace up your shoes. Some methods look very complex, but only take a few minutes of your time. With some inexpensive laces and a little creativity, you can lace up in a... Read More »

How to Untie Shoelace Knots?

Shoelace knots are one of life's little inconveniences. Although frustrating, most shoelace knots can be untied with a little patience. So take a deep breath, have a seat and get to work. ... Read More »

How to Replace a Sweatshirt Shoelace?

Most hooded sweatshirts come with a cord or shoelace to pull the hood tighter and tie in place under the chin. Sometimes the cord comes out in the washing machine, unravels or breaks. Instead of go... Read More »