How to Change a Radiator on a 95 Grand Am?

Answer You can take your 95 Grand Am to a radiator shop for repairs, but if it is an old unit and has already been through one or more fixes, it might be a good idea to replace the radiator to prevent eng... Read More »

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How to Burp a Radiator on a Grand Am?

Removing the air from your engine's cooling system, or “burping,” is crucial when it comes to extending the life and reliability of your automobile. Burping needs to be done after any change to... Read More »

How to Remove a Radiator on a 94 Grand Am?

In 1994 Pontiac introduced their new Grand Am. The car featured three engines. The base engine was a Quad 4 2.3 liter single overhead cam four cylinder. The other two engines were a dual overhead c... Read More »

How to Fill the Radiator on a V6 Grand Am?

Filling the radiator in your V-6 Pontiac Grand Am can be a challenge. The reason it is so difficult centers around the fact that the radiator is lower in the vehicle than some of the cooling system... Read More »

How to Refill the Radiator on a V6 Grand Am?

The radiator on a V-6 Grand Am is filled with a mixture of anti-freeze and water. This mixture flows through the engine, absorbs the heat and then returns to the radiator to be cooled. This entire ... Read More »