How to Change a Pronoun?

Answer Much more than a simple boring grammatical article, a pronoun is a necessary part of speech that is generally used to take the place of an already understood subject noun. Some common pronouns are ... Read More »

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What is pronoun agreement?

A pronoun represents a noun, or refers back to a noun used in a sentence. Clear speaking and writing require that your pronouns "agree" that is, that you use the correct pronouns.Agree in NumberThe... Read More »

What is the pronoun in who wants to be a millionaire?

Pronoun Activities for Third Grade?

Grammar, like pronouns, can be boring for third graders. Spice things up by using activities and games that make learning more fun and encourage children to want to learn new concepts. Make up stor... Read More »

What is pronoun-antecedent agreement?

Pronouns are "shortcut words" used to replace nouns. They must agree with the antecedent, or noun, in gender, number and person.PronounA pronoun is a substitute for a noun. "He," "she" and "it" ar... Read More »