How to Change a Point-Slope Equation to a Slope-Intercept Equation?

Answer "Every fool is a prophet in his own land." This is another way of saying there's always another side to every story or situation. It's often the same in mathematics. The expression (-1/3) x (-9/3),... Read More »

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How to Convert a Slope-Intercept Form Equation Into a General Linear Equation?

When writing linear equations, you can use either the slope-intercept form or general form. The advantage of slope-intercept form, or y = mx + b, is that you can immediately see the slope, m, and t... Read More »

How to Write a Slope Intercept Equation From Looking at a Graph?

A graph's slope-intercept equation defines its functions in terms of two elements: the slope, which is also known as the gradient, and the line's intersection with the y-axis. The slope determines ... Read More »

How to Write an Equation in Slope-Intercept Form for Each Line?

Linear equations can take several forms. The standard form is aX + bY = c, where a, b and c are numbers. The formula when you know two points, (X1, Y1) and (X2, Y2), is Y - Y1 = (Y1 - Y2)X / (X1 - ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Slope in an Equation?

The slope of a line is a measure of its steepness. Students are often taught to associate the slope of the line with the "rise" and "run." The "rise" of the graph is the change in "y" values from p... Read More »