How to Change a Payment Account?

Answer Though it's generally an easy process to change the account your bill or debt payments are coming out of, you should check with both your bank and the company you are making payments to before you ... Read More »

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Can a bank empty your account if you are behind on a loan payment?

On One Hand: Yes, They Can.According to and, a bank can legally empty your bank account if you owe it money for a loan or credit card. This is called the Right to Off... Read More »

How do I close a checking account with automatic payment?

Notify PayeesNotify all vendors that your checking account automatically pays that you are closing your bank account. Do this at least three days before you are scheduled to be billed. Verify that ... Read More »

How do I receive a payment to a PayPal account from a credit card?

Request MoneyLog in to your PayPal account on the PayPal website and select "Request Money" from the tabs at the top or "Send Invoice" under the "Merchant Services" tab. Put in the email address of... Read More »

Does Target accept gift cards as payment on a credit account?

You cannot use Target GiftCards to make a payment on a Target credit account. The GiftCard terms and conditions state they can be used for merchandise and services in Target stores or online at Tar... Read More »