How to Change a Noun to an Adjective?

Answer While some say it's impossible to change a noun into an adjective, those are people who have a very strict and narrow view of grammar. For example, the word matron is a noun, and refers to a marrie... Read More »

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How to Stress an Adjective and a Noun?

Adjectives and nouns each have their own purpose in a sentence. A noun names a person, place, thing or idea. Pronouns are also nouns in the sense that they take can the place of a noun in a sentenc... Read More »

Is"habitual"a noun, a verb or an adjective?

"Habitual" is an adjective that means regularly doing something in a consistent or customary way, as in "The child is a habitual liar." The noun form of habitual is "habit."References:Merriam-Webst... Read More »

How do I change a verb to a noun?

Add an -ing to the end of a verb to create a noun called a gerund. Technically, a gerund is a form of a verb that turns that verb into a noun meaning "the act of" performing what the verb originall... Read More »

How to Write a Common Noun for Each Proper Noun?

Nouns are words that describe a person, place or thing. They can be identified as common nouns for more general words which are only capitalized at the beginning of a sentence or proper nouns for m... Read More »