How to Change a Nissan's Alternator?

Answer Alternators help power a vehicle's electric system when the engine is running. The alternator also charges the battery, so it plays an integral role in your Nissan. If you don't have the money to p... Read More »

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Where Are Nissans Made?

Nissan vehicles are manufactured throughout the southern United States. Assembly plants are in Smyrna and Decherd, Tennessee and Canton, Mississippi. Nissan's headquarters are in Franklin, Tennesse... Read More »

What car company makes nissans?

Nissan cars are made by Nissan Motors. Nissan also owns Infiniti and 15 percent of Renault. As of December 2009, Nissan Motors is publicly owned and its stock can be traded. Its stock symbol is NSA... Read More »

How to Remove Rear Drum Brakes in Nissans & 4Runners?

Nissan vehicles and Toyota 4Runners, depending on the year, feature drum brakes. The brake shoes can be adjusted, but will eventually need to replaced once the adjustment runs out and the shoes are... Read More »

How do I change my alternator?

An alternator is a key piece of an automotive electrical system. While the battery provides startup power and an electrical grounding point, the alternator supplies the automobile with electrical e... Read More »