How to Change a Lock on a Combination Safe?

Answer Mechanical locks are the most used access devices on combination safes (see reference 1 page 5 under lock security metrics). Changing the lock on the combination safe is essential to increase the s... Read More »

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How do you change your screen lock combination if you forgot the original combination?

Is it possible to change a dial combination lock to an electric key punch lock?

Ann, The short answer is yes. The long answer is; how difficult depends on the lock that is currently installed, and the operating bolt work. Some safes are directly retrofitable, and some safes m... Read More »

How do I open a combination lock safe?

Dial LockCradle the lock in your hand, and use the other handle to grasp onto the dial. Turn the dial so the vertical notch is aligned with the number zero.Twists and TurnsTurn the dial clockwise f... Read More »

Can i change the combination on a combination lock?

Combination locks are made in standard and resettable varieties. Resettable locks have a user selected combination, but can only be reset when the lock is open. The combination on a standard lock i... Read More »