How to Change a Litterbox?

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How to Litterbox Train Your Rat?

This may seem strange, but it is possible to litterbox train a rat. This method might work on several other rodents, but no guarantees!

How to Dog Proof the Cat's Litterbox?

Who knows what that dog is thinking about?Dogs and cats can live together in relative peace and harmony, but there are some undesirable side-effects of the relationship. One is the fact that dogs c... Read More »

How to Keep a Cat from Kicking the Litter out of the Litterbox?

Cats are usually clean but litter can be a problem. Here's a solution.

When are kittens ready to use a litterbox?

Kittens are ready to start learning litter training at the age of four to five weeks, before weaning. At this stage, the kittens should still be living together in a closed area, but it should be o... Read More »