How to Change a Hubcap?

Answer You may need to replace a dinged or scraped hubcap, which can happen from parking too close to or hitting a curb. If you find yourself missing a hubcap, you will need to replace it. You may be able... Read More »

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What is a hubcap?

A hubcap is a disk that is located in the center of the wheel of a car. Its main purpose is decorative; however, it also serves to cover the lug nuts. If hubcaps do not fit well, they have a tenden... Read More »

How to Build a Fire in a Hubcap?

If you are at a campsite where there is ample wood, you may decide to build up a big fire that will keep one side of you warm at a time. But if you are roughing it, the hubcap will hold just the ri... Read More »

How to Measure the Diameter of Trailer Rims for Hubcap Sizing?

To find the proper size hubcap for your trailer rims, you must measure the diameter of the wheel. Hubcaps are essentially plastic covers that fit over a steel rim and are much more aesthetically p... Read More »

How long does it take to change primary custody in Washington state if both parents agree to the change?

Answer Long enough to get the papers amended and signed and get it put on the docket of the family court in the county in which you live.