How to Change a Hub on a 2000 Chevy Pickup?

Answer The 2000 Chevy pickup uses a sealed hub and bearing assembly that is separate from the brake rotor to help reduce the cost of brake system repair when the rotors are replaced. Unlike the bearings u... Read More »

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How to Change Brake Rotors on a 2000 Chevy S-10 Pickup?

The 2000 Chevy S-10 pickup uses brake rotors that house the wheel bearings and races. When replacing rotors with a new or machined units, it is essential to replace the brake pads as well, not only... Read More »

What size are the speakers in a 2000 Chevy pickup?

In a 2000 Chevrolet S-10 pickup, the front door speakers are generally 6 ½ inches in diameter and the dashboard speakers are 4-inch by 6-inch ovals. In a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, the front door s... Read More »

How to Install a Fuel Pump for a 2000 Chevy Pickup?

Installing an electric fuel pump on a 2000 Chevy pickup requires access to the top side of the fuel tank. The fuel pump slides through a hole on the top of the tank, where it mounts internally. The... Read More »

Where is the cabin filter on a 2000 Chevy S-10 pickup?

To find the cabin air filter on a Chevy S-10, remove the kick plate cover (held by four screws) under the glove compartment. This reveals the door to the cabin air filter. Remove the screw in the d... Read More »