How to Change a Habit?

Answer All of us have many unwanted habits in our life which we want to change but find it difficult to get over it. This article will introduce you to very simple steps which you can get use to get rid o... Read More »

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I have a bad habit....NEED HELP!!!?

Since you're a guy and probably wish not to appear with nail polish on your hands, i suggest something simple... put skin lotion on them. rub it in well. As well as hydrating, you'll hate the taste... Read More »

Bad habit... :/?

if you have a sudden erge before you want to crack your knuckles slap a rubber band on your wrist and than after awile you start getting tired of it..also you should crack your knukles it causes ar... Read More »

I've got a really bad habit, please help!?

Sounds like your suffering from anxiety. Make an appointment to see a psychologist and see what he or she recommends.

VERY bad please!?

I've been a nurse on a Chemical Dependency Unit for 33 and if I had a nickel for every time I've heard "But-I'm not addicted" I could retire to Hawaii. First question I'd like to ask is -where do y... Read More »