How to Change a Girl's Mind?

Answer Girls can be stubborn and pretend they don't like you because maybe there friends find you geeky but here's a few steps on how to change a girls mind

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Would you mind it if....(mostly for girls)?

No, he does. Well, not all the time and I think it is hot. And since I don't dress all girly, and we basically dress the same, as in like we can share skinny jeans and shirts and stuff. It is prett... Read More »

Girls,do you mind if your guy has more clothes than you?

No not at all if clotheshe has ar cool i wouldnt mind , in fact i want to be with someone whos a bit vainBut not in a feminine way lol

Girls only!!! Do you mind if a guy looks at your toenails?

GIRLS: do you mind it when a guys boxers are showing?

wear them on your head and then everybody can see them. That looks stupid and this question is asked way too many times every day. Have some pride in the way you look !