How to Change a Gasket?

Answer Gaskets help to seal two separate parts together to create leak-free joints and seams. The most common gaskets in auto repair are those that seal the pans, valve covers and cylinder heads to the en... Read More »

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How to Change a B16 Oil Pan Gasket?

The Honda B16 engine, commonly found in the Honda Civic Si, requires an engine hoist when you need to change the oil pan gasket. The reason for the engine hoist is to lift the engine so the transmi... Read More »

How to Change an Oil Pan Gasket on a Camaro?

Changing a Camaro oil-pan gasket is a messy job. The need to change the gasket arises from leaks, which most likely have oil all over the underside of the engine. Prior to undertaking this task, yo... Read More »

How to Change an Oil Pan Gasket on a Honda?

Eventually, every Honda owner will pull out of his driveway and see a small puddle of oil where his Honda was just sitting. Usually, this means the oil pan gasket has sprung a leak. This issue is n... Read More »

How to Change the Oil Pan Gasket on an Integra?

Oil leaking from around an Integra's oil pan gasket is an eyesore for any driveway. Most important, however, if the problem is not fixed, it can lead to premature engine failure. Oil leaks are one ... Read More »