How to Change a Fuel Filter in a Crown Victoria?

Answer The fuel filter replacement process is the same for all Crown Victoria year models. The fuel filter is the most important part of the fuel cleaning process. The fuel leaves the gas tank and goes in... Read More »

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Replacing a Fuel Filter on a Crown Victoria?

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How to Change a Fuel Pump in a Ford Crown Victoria?

On average, electric fuel pumps have a long service life, but eventually internal components wear out and develop leaks, low pressure or no pressure at all. Follow these simple steps to replace the... Read More »

How to Depressurize the Fuel Rail in a CNG Crown Victoria?

A Ford Crown Victoria that has been converted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) presents some unique puzzles to average owners trying to perform their own maintenance. While it still operates ... Read More »

How to Replace 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Fuel Pump Relay?

In many cases when the fuel pump on your 1999 Ford Crown Victoria starts to give you trouble, the problem is actually the fuel pump relay. This is actually a good thing, because replacing a relay i... Read More »