How to Change a Freezer Compressor Relay Switch?

Answer The compressor on a freezer is the motor that runs the appliance. When activated by a relay switch, the unit forces refrigerant gas under high pressure through the condenser coils to lower the temp... Read More »

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How to Change the Light Switch in a Kenmore Freezer?

Kenmore installs a manual light switch in its freezers and refrigerators. When you close the door to the freezer, the door compresses the switch and turns it off. When you open the door, the switch... Read More »

In a double door fridge set points are there in both freezer and cooler sections but you see only one compressor How does this single compressor operate for two different set points?

The compressor does all the cooling. Those set points only control the air movements from the cooling coil area to the freezer or fridge side. So! you adjust the air flow for more or less cooling i... Read More »

How to Put a Relay Switch Inside a Car?

Relays transfer high amperage through heavier-gauge wire from the battery to their respective components. The reason the relays are frequently located under the hood is because it is undesirable t... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Relay on a Switch?

Automakers have downsized the wiring in modern cars so much that any added draw may cause the wires to overheat. Using a relay to control the current is a good idea when an additional electrical d... Read More »