How to Change a Ford Ranger Fuel Tank?

Answer Replacing the fuel tank on your Ford Ranger may seem like a daunting task. And it could be if you do not know the correct steps. Getting rid of the fuel system pressure is your first task to avoid ... Read More »

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Ford Ranger Fuel Tank Removal?

The fuel tank on your Ford Ranger may develop problems that make it necessary to remove or replace it. Some tank leaks, holes or contamination issues can only be fixed with the tank off the vehicle... Read More »

How Do I Drain the Fuel Tank on a 1995 Ford Ranger?

When a truck is not run for long periods of time, the gasoline inside the fuel tank can go bad: As gasoline is a refined substance, it has a specific chemical composition, and various parts of the ... Read More »

How to Replace a Gas Tank Fuel Filler Pipe Neck on a 1997 Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger name was originally used as a trim level name for the Ford F-series trucks. The Ford Ranger was introduced as its own model, a compact pickup truck, in 1982. The 1997 Ford Ranger ca... Read More »

How to Change the Fuel Filter on a 3.0 Ford Ranger?

Ford Motor Company recommends replacing your Ford Ranger's fuel filter every 15,000 miles. If you haven't replaced it within that span, you should do so as soon as possible. The filter traps sedime... Read More »