How to Change a Ford Explorer Window Regulator?

Answer The Ford Explorer has window regulators in each door which transfer the kinetic energy from the window motor to the window glass by pushing the glass up or down, depending on the direction of the m... Read More »

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How to Change the Window Regulator in a 2001 Ford Explorer?

The window regulator on a 2001 Ford Explorer is a mechanical device that moves the window glass up and down in response to the actions of the window motor. If the regulator should malfunction, the ... Read More »

How to Repair a Ford Explorer Power Window Regulator?

If the window in your Ford Explorer fails to go down from the up position, chances are the problem does not lie with the window regulator; it's more likely a faulty switch. However, if the window g... Read More »

How to Remove a Window Regulator in a 1992 Ford Explorer?

A 1992 Ford Explorer window regulator holds the window glass in place and guides it up or down based on the movement of the window motor gear. If the regulator should break, the window may seem to ... Read More »

Ford Explorer Rear Door Window Regulator Replacement Instructions?

Ford Explorers use a cable style of window regulator to raise and lower the window. Usually, the cable is the problem with these units: The cable either breaks or comes unwound on the spool. This c... Read More »